Friday, May 29, 2015

Off and Running with Modern Masters 2015

Link to Part 9 of my Modern Masters 2015 Activity Log

During the last Modern Masters I spent endless hours following the prices of certain cards. This time I have decided to buy what I want to play with up-front and then take my time with a much smaller number of cards to follow that I think will likely go down in price, such as Iona and Elesh Norn, of which I need one of each for a Gifts build, but as EDH staples I expect them to go down. Here is what I am doing this time: complete the common/uncommon play set, including Remand and Dismember; get play sets of all of the penny or junk rares; get a play set of Cryptic Command (ouch); and get one Vendilion Clique (ouch, ouch, ouch).

I am putting to use lessons I learned from Vintage Masters: I got the two JTMS's up front and had a blast.

Here are the rares, including the Cryptic Commands.

Here is the Clique.

May 30 Update: bought a few more junk rares that crashed. Here is the current buy/watch list.

Later May 30 update: Eldrazi, Comet Storm, get in my collection!

May 31 update: for my gifts tron build. I also got Surgical Extraction.

Next installment: I am down to following a handful of cards