Monday, May 25, 2015

[Standard] Shamanic Revelation Build-around

...this time with 24 lands and many substitutions. The major one that made it a winning deck is the inclusion of two Scuttling Doom Engines.

I lost some games to Brutal Hordechief combos, but now that I have fatties, I can beat it.

Here I exile the Phoenix once it is ready to attack.

I draw a bunch with Shamanic Revelation, and gg win for me soon thereafter.

In this game Jace Guildpact is used to pop my engine, I have my token taken out Jace's protecting critter to take out Jace for two.

My opponent can drop tokens out of a mana ability.

Shamanic Revelation to the rescue, and gg win for me soon thereafter.

This deck was playing a brutal combo: Gift of Immortality on the executioner critter and if you kill it, it comes back asking you to sacrifice a critter as its enter-the-battlefield ability. I fell for that one once!

The next time I was asked to sacrifice a critter, I used my engine to hit for 6.

But soon I was out of critters to sacrifice...

No suspense, Shamanic Revelation to the rescue after popping enough tokens out of Herald of Anafenza.

And a selective combat trick to pop the Hornet's Nest. The white Siege was buffing critters and that helped me.

And a Suspension Field on a buffed token.

...and, you guessed it, Shamanic Revelation to the rescue.

Suspension Field for the last critter, and gg for me for the win.