Thursday, May 7, 2015

[Modern] Test Game with Gifts Tron Starter

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As I play this deck I realize why I need to replace two of the Mana Leaks with counterspells WITH DIFFERENT NAMES: I am playing Gifts Ungiven. Anyways, its very early in my quest to master this deck, and I haven't even added the 'real' cards I am missing because I want to buy them at a much lower price after the grinders are done with Modern Masters 2015. Here is a match (I won both games) in which I got to play the major pieces.

Game One: Time to board wipe.

Combo Gifts Ungiven with Unburial Rites and Wurmcoil Engine.

Sphynx's Relevation is awesome in this deck. 

No matter how big the critter, if it is not Hexproof or does not have Shroud, its a goner.

Nice to draw with Thirst for Knowledge if you have an artifact you can afford to discard. Emrakul = gg

Game Two: Sphynx's Relevation is awesome in this deck (again!).

This is a sub-optimal combo because I don't have an Iona.

I got to play Ugin.

Emrakul = gg

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