Friday, May 8, 2015

Now that Modern Masters 2015 has been spoiled

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Looking back to Modern Masters, these are the valuable uncommons today (and back then when it was issued; all online prices):

Path to Exile ($5.02), Kitchen Finks ($1.67), Spell Snare ($1.65),
Eternal Witness ($1.07), Lightning Helix ($0.63), Electrolyze ($0.55), Manamorphose ($0.51)

These are the valuable uncommons in Modern Masters 2015 as of now: Spectral Procession, Remand, Dismember, Mutagenic Growth, Electrolyze, Cranial Plating.

The immediate opinion in the forums seems to be that this set has less value in the commons and uncommons than Modern Masters did, but looking at prices today, the commons are not valuable (break 50 cents) and the number of valuable uncommons is 7. The number for Modern Masters 2015 is 6. Also, the best uncommon in each set is of comparable value: Remand vs Path to Exile.

And the immediate opinion in the forums seems to be that this set has less value overall, yet the numbers tell a very different story. There are plenty of junk rares in the original Modern Masters: 1 cent: 3; 2 cents: 11; 3 cents: 1; 4 cents: 3; 7 cents: 1; Total: 19 out of 53 or 35.6 percent of all rares are under 10 cents.

At the high end Modern Masters 2015 looks as good if not better than Modern Masters: both planeswalkers are tournament playable, even if Tezzeret the Seeker is more of a Legacy/Vintage play; and both sets share several of the high profile money cards (Goyf, Bob, Cryptic Command, Vendilion Clique). Reprinting Hurkyl's Recall is great for Legacy/Vintage.

There are some misses, to be sure (Damnation, Serum Visions, Crucible of Worlds-for Legacy/Vintage; and a few others), but if some of the better cards were not left for some other product then there would be lots of flaming in the forums about that other product, whatever it is.

I am only disappointed about the $10 price tag for paper (I would not dare throw away money on the paper version, but if I played paper I would definitely swing for a bunch of singles once prices settle down). The online price is $7, which is OK (I thought it was $10 online but then found out otherwise). If our dear friends the grinders crack lots of packs and the bots sell them for a lot less than $10 (say, $4 or $5), I plan to crack a few. Vintage Masters was also $7 per pack online and you can crack a Black Lotus, or a Mox!

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