Saturday, July 4, 2015

Origins Set Review: Additional Commons and Uncommons

For a review of the limited environment I recommend sites that have really good limited players review each set. I am really bad at limited! Here are the other commons and uncommons that caught my attention for constructed.

Blessed Spirits: yet another card that should have been in Theros, the enchantment block without meaningful enchantment support.

Murder Investigation: a reprint from Return to Ravnica block that deserves a second look now that white/black warriors are a thing.

Consul's Lieutenant: I like the 'other attacking creatures' clause.

Clash of Wills: functional reprint of Syncopate minus the exile clause.

Anchor of the Aether: very useful tempo buster.

Faerie Miscreant: it would be awesome to play Faeries in Standard, but we are not there yet. In Modern with flicker effects, the ETB card draw could be abused.

Sphinx's Tutelage: I really like the repeatable milling effect on this card.

Jhessian Thieve: 'draw a card,' enough said.

Tormented Thoughts: A reprint worth a second look.

Malakir Cullblade: as a 2 drop, this card can be abused to put a lot of counters on it.

Touch of Moonglove: seems like more than a limited battle trick with so many features.

Shadows of the Past: in Modern this enchantment can be abused in a mono-black mana rich deck.

Consecrated by Blood: in a white/black tokens deck this aura could be good.

Revenant: a late drop better for Commander and Standard. Still, if your graveyard is in good shape, this critter can get big.

Cruel Revival: a little heavy for the effect, but its a two-for-one.

Fleshbag Marauder: we now have two cards that are functional reprints in Standard for this effect-this card, and Merciless Executioner.

Call of the Full Moon: it is easy for your opponent to knock it out, but for one or two turns, its a strong effect.

Fiery Conclusion: good when you need to remove something big. If it costs you a goblin token, it is worth it.

Smash to Smithereens: the best old school reprint in this set IMHO. Very good artifact hate in a set that comes with a really good selection of artifacts that are added to the almost as good artifact selection in M15.

Enthralling Victor: great addition to a Sling/Act of Treason Modern build (I had a lot of fun with such a deck a while back).

Goblin Glory Chaser: a one drop that needs to be blocked by two or more creatures (that's what Menace means), with Renown as well-I will take it.

Infectious Bloodlust: not a memorable enchantment until you read the self-tutor clause. Also a bonus way to shuffle your library if you need to.

Acolyte of the Inferno: the additional hit for 2 makes for great chump blocking.

Magmatic Insight: very helpful in a RDW deck if you get too many lands early.

Elemental Bond: in a green ramp deck this enchantment should net you some more card draws.

Joraga Invocation: a little heavy, but a good game ender in Standard.

Zendikar's Roil: reads like a Commander card. A little too heavy for Standard, but could be good.

Might of the Masses: very nice battle trick that can deal some serious damage in the right circumstance.

Valeron Wardens: I want this card in a deck that will get a lot of Renown triggers to draw more cards. The question is how easy it will be to get lots of those triggers in Standard.

Chief of the Foundry: An artifact lord in Standard. Finally!

Prism Ring: low cost trigger for Ajani's Pridemate.

War Horn: Battle Cry on an artifact is very good, even as a 3 drop.

Ramroller: nice addition to a casual artifact deck; to be paired with Juggernaut.

Throwing Knife: nothing special, yet I like the added bonus of a 2 hit to something.

Sigil of Valor: are we getting Exalted in the net block? This artifact is perfect for Exalted.

Mage-Ring Network: in Modern with Voltaic Key this could be a solid mana source for artifacts.

Rogue's Passage: welcome back, old friend.