Saturday, August 11, 2012

M13 battle packs

I bought two of these at Target this morning ($9.99 each). Each comes with two booster packs, and that means that I paid $4 for everything else. This is a great value considering that there are 4 uncommons and 16 commons per battle pack. I also got 20 lands in each battle pack. After adding the M13 cards I was missing from this selection to the ones I already had I am up to 143 cards on hand out of 249 and am missing all of the planeswalkers.

Be careful when you try to separate the mini-decks: I damaged the first ones and then kept the second ones in-separated.

One of the mini decks comes with a large insert describing play, and the other with an advertisement fold out for battle packs.

The first mini-deck is black-red

Here is its booster pack.

The second mini-deck is black green.

Here is its booster pack.

The third mini-deck is also black green and with the identical cards to the ones shown above. Here is its booster pack.

The fourth mini-deck is white red and the red cards are different to those in the red-black selection in the first mini-deck.

Here is the fourth booster pack.

Here are larger scans of some of the uncommons and rares.

I have had some of my key cards online exiled by opponents with Oblivion Ring.

This foil came from one of the booster packs.

Here is the regular version.

August 18 update: purchased a third battle pack. The common/uncommon packs were the same as some in the previous two battle packs.

Here is the first booster pack.

Here is the second booster pack.

Here are highlights of some of the cards.

August 30 update: Bought a 4th pack. This one had a black-red selection identical to a previous one, and, finally, a white-blue selection, shown below. It includes a copy of Jace's Phantasm, one of my favorite cards and a card that goes back to the very beginnings of Magic, Serra Angel.

Pack 1

I pulled a Mythic Rare Elderscale Wurm, and Liliana's emblem. I thought these emblems were found in the same pack as the planeswalker but I see that this is not the case.

Pack 2

Here are the rares and the uncommons.

Here is Liliana's emblem.