Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rubiera vs dolphin99it

Game 209006064.

I did not review last week's games because I took out my good M12 cards to await a redemption of the complete set. This loss has left me with very weak decks in Standard. This one game is worth recounting because it shows how a good player with a good deck (my opponent) can make a comeback from 1 life left to win the game resoundingly. I was experimenting with a mono-white deck.

My opponent keeps Solemn Simulacrum with Mimic Vat and plays Batterskull on the token it generates.

I use Defang on it.

But here is another Batterskull and my opponent plays two of Pristine Talisman.

Here comes Trading Post with so many options to help my opponent's game.

There is also Go for the Throat against my creatures.

And as my deck slowly runs out of steam, Sorin Markov comes in to finish me off.