Saturday, August 11, 2012

This week's online standard beatings Part 2

This deck was playing several of Pristine Tallisman

Here comes Lingering Souls to drop four tokens.

My opponent gained a lot of life tapping those Pristine Talismans. My deck is too slow to recover against such a high life count.

Here is one of many decks I have played against using Oblivion Ring, which captures one of my key cards and because I don't have any enchantment removal cards, I lose those cards for the rest of the game. Here its my Jace that gets trapped.

And here comes Lingering Souls.

And more Lingering Souls.

My opponent played Curse of Death's Hold, which reduces all of my creatures -1/-1, and can act as a partial board sweeper if 1/1 creatures is all I am playing when it enters the battlefield. 

Here is a deck playing Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, which forces me to use one more mana for my noncreature spells. This card stalls my game every time....and I never recover.

And then with Silverblade Paladin's Soulbond ability of double strike, I lose quickly.

Here is another deck using Silverblade Paladin, this time also playing War Falcon.

Here is game play against a deck using Grave Titan. I only have one of these in my deck because of my plan to redeem M12. I could use a play set of these given how much of a beating I take against it. I hope Return to Ravnica has a card with similar qualities.

Even though I was up 14 to 8, my deck completely stalled and my opponent had built a wall of creatures: game over.

Here is a game against a Liliana. I find this planeswalker to be a big threat even though it has not seen a lot of tournament play.