Saturday, August 4, 2012

Road to Redemption: M12 online

I spent $20 in event tickets online to buy all of the rares except for Phantasmal Image, two Mythic Rares, and the handful of common and uncommon I was missing. I still need all of the high value cards, but I will have to buy those in small batches to complete the whole set.

There are 13 Mythic Rares I need to complete the set.

August 6 update: $10 more spent. Bought six "low-hanging fruit" mythic rares.

I am now missing 8 cards for a redemption.

August 7 update: $30 spent, down to three missing cards.

August 16 update: $20 in event tickets to buy the last three cards and $8 to buy the redemption. The total came down to $88.

August 22 update: email from Wizards

"Thank you, rubiera!
We have successfully processed your Redemption Request for Order Number XXXXXXX.   We have removed the Magic Online set(s) listed below from your account and will ship the corresponding physical set(s) shortly.  Please allow at least ten business days for delivery of your set(s). 
Thank you,
The Magic: The Gathering Online Team
Sets Redeemed:
Set Name: Magic 2012 Redemption Request (Standard)
Qty: 1"

And here are the cards I have after the redemption.