Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bant Esper Grixis Jund Naya: Names of Decks derived from Shards of Alara

I come across mention of so-and-so's Bant deck, or Naya deck and I have no way of knowing what they are referring to. Then today I am reading on one of the Wizards blogs and a casual mention is made that the name is a name of a shard in Shard of Alara. Now I know. Thanks to Wikipedia learning the rest was easy.

A shard is a three color combination going around the Magic wheel of five colors, with the first color being the main color:

--Bant is White Green Blue.
--Esper is Blue White Black   
--Grixis is Black Blue Red   
--Jund is Red Black Green   
--Naya is Green Red White

So  there....when I read Naya I will think of a Green Red White deck!

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Decks built around Nicol Bolas are Grixis decks if they stick to three colors.

Here are the obelisks and panorama lands from Shards of Alara.