Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two online standard games against Jace and Jace's helpers

In the first game (which I lost) I did not come across Jace. The combination or combo in this game is the use of Jace's Erasure to bleed my library card by card and the use of Jace's Archivist to get me to discard my hand multiple times which both bleeds me of cards and disrupts my game play. Here I am at 48 cards. 

While my library is going to zero Jace' Archivist gets tapped continuously to make me draw a new hand-very disruptive!

I am down to 23 cards. Its a lot of clicking to resolve each card drop!

...and even more clicking!

Here I am with no cards left. I guess I am not the only one who likes playing Jace's Phantasm.

Here is a game I just won. I love these blue on blue games. I bought a few dual lands and play sets of Delver of Secrets and Rhunechanter's Pike. Here is the deck list.

My opponent plays Jace's Archivist and I am expecting the same sequence as the last game.

But he plays his Jace, Memory  Adept and begins to drop 10 of their cards instead of mine.....and I wonder why my opponent is taking their library to zero and not mine???

I exile all of my opponent's graveyard just in case.

And here comes the answer: my opponent plays Laboratory Maniac.

Luckily I have two of Tragic Slip in my hand. Here I play the first one.

And here I play the second one: bye bye!

I draw a card with Think Twice.

And it is no other than my favorite card these days: Mind Sculpt. My opponent only has 6 cards in their library and I am asking for 7: I win.