Friday, June 26, 2015

[Modern] Eldrazi Part 2 of 2

Link to part 1

This deck requires some learning. Once I figured out the best mulligans and the best combos, I was able to win more consistently with it. However, the deck is very weak to Path to Exile.

Here is a game I lost against white weenies.

I was able to take out the big threat with Ulamog.

But I lost my Eldrazi to Path to Exile.

I was able to cast It that Betrays... but it was too late.

I lose to my opponite's army of buffed up critters.

Here is a really fun game I won  in which I kept tutoring for Wurmcoil Engines.

Incredibly, I was able to beat a red deck. By now I have been playing this deck on and off for a week.

Wurmcoil Engine gained me enough life to overcome the burn.

I also won against a mono-black deck. In this game I also kept tutoring for Wurmcoil Engine.

Here I summoned another Wurmcoil Engine.

... and another! Maybe I should re-title this deck as my Wurmcoil Engine deck. It was definitely the MVP card of the deck.