Thursday, June 4, 2015

Theros + M15 Rotation Prep

At the bottom of this post are the cards I am interested in following, not necessarily buying. By August 26 only one card has truly tanked and only four have halved in price. Some have increased! By September 3 some prices have tanked (thankfully).

The June 4 value in all of these packs is way below the going price for a booster.

Incredibly enough, only with Theros is there a break-even pack price. All other sets are in the lottery realm, especially Nyx, or the Eidolon lottery.

September 3 update: Planeswalkers and the cheapest card for $15.

September 8 update: took out from list cards I bought, including Temple of Plenty, and cards I will not buy: M15 Garruk, and Goblin Rabblemaster.

September 10 update: took both Ajanis and the M15 Chandra off the list, and added Purphoros (a miss from before).

I would like to play the Scry lands in casual Modern.

Here are the Gods.

September 21 update: I am giving up on Master of Waves and Keranos.

September 26 update: time to complete the scry lands for future Just for Fun play.