Saturday, June 27, 2015

[Standard] Ephara and Ojutai's Command try out deck

The only objective of this deck is to try out these two cards. Both are OK, but not great, at least with the cards I have at my disposal. Ephara wants a creature-heavy deck, something that blue is not the best color for, and Ojutai's Command is a four drop counters-spell that only works on creatures, like a more versatile and more costly Essence Scatter-which I which gets into Standard again.

I have optimized this deck a lot, but it is still a little weak. Frankly, it is much stronger if I take out the two showcased cards! Here is a winning game-there weren't that many. At least you will learn how these cards work, and this deck is optimized to last as many turns as possible, even against decks with lots of target removal.