Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[Modern] Tezzeret the Seeker deck Part 2 of 4

Link to previous installment (deck and a few losses)

Now for the good news: three posts full of wins, including Tezzeret the Seeker ultimates.

1. In this game my opponent had some control cards that could have stalled me to a loss, such as Supreme Verdict.

Remand is a great stall tactic and the reason why a loss can be turned into a win for games when all you need is one additional turn over your opponent.

2. This deck uses an artifact that gives each player a draw after a critter dies (Fecundity).

My opponent loses their Steel Hellkite to stay in the game. I am willing to lose one of my Ornithopters.

They play a second Stell Hellkite and another Porcelain Crawler.

Nice low CMC Myr.

I am willing to lose yet another Ornithopter and not have to deal with a Steel Hellkite. In this early version of the deck I am playing a critter I take out later.

I have more critters coming and can afford to have one for one critter losses.

Eventually my opponent gives up.

Link to additional wins (Part 3)