Monday, June 1, 2015

Mirrodin Fun Deckbuilding

Here is a summary post to these fifteen posts. Some of these posts get a lot of hits and with this page it is easier to access them all.

1: I started with the Mirrodin Tournament Pack and five Mirrodin packs and only with artifacts that did not have mana abilities.

2: Then I added White.

3: Then I added Green
4: Added colorless artifacts from the Scars of Mirrodin block.

5: Added the Darksteel Transference [Blue] Theme Deck

6: Added Darksteel Blue and Colorless Cards

7: I put together the cards in installments 1 to 6 and build a Modern constructed deck.

8: I added White, Blue, and Green from SOM and Shards of Alara. I can now build a few more decks.

9: I added the Darksteel Master Blaster theme deck. I now have some red cards in the mix.

10: I added the Darksteel Mind Swarm theme deck and I now have some black cards in the mix.

11: I added the Darksteel Swarm and Slam theme deck. This is a Selesnya (White/Green) and Artifacts deck.

12: I added the Fifth Dawn Nuts and Bolts theme deck. This is a white/blue/artifacts deck.

13: I added the Fifth Dawn Special Forces theme deck. This is a blue/black/artifact deck.

14: I added the Fifth Dawn Stampede theme deck. This is a red/green/artifact deck.

15: I added the Fifth Dawn Sunburst theme deck. This deck plays on the Sunburst mechanic, and although it includes only two green cards, and the rest of the cards are artifacts, it lends itself to playing mana in all colors.