Tuesday, June 30, 2015

[Standard] Narset try out Take Two

Link to the first try out

I did a lot of optimization on this deck. It is quite the grin and requires a lot of skill to play well, yet I was able to beat some of the almost competitive decks that unfortunately are played in Just for Fun.

Here is one of the early variations. It was good, but none of the spells I was playing were good to Rebound with Narset's -2 ability.

Raise the Alarm turns out to be a really good Rebound spell for Narset.

Over time with the use of lots of Scry I can draw more than one Prognostic Sphynxes and I can Void Snare a critter or two as well.

If my opponent does not have Deathtouch, Trample and Flying, I can stall with tokens while I hit with Prognostic Sphynx for the win.

By the time I drop my third Sphynx my opponent gives up.