Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[Modern] Tezzeret the Seeker deck Part 1 of 4

I had so much fun with this deck that it will take me four posts to show all the fun games. I played in Just for Fun and the deck has some weaknesses. It is definitely not a competitive deck, but in Just for Fun it is a ton of fun.

Bad news first, here are some losses. Here my opponent uses the Graveborn ability of Bitter Ordeal as a combo with an artifact that hits me for one every time my deck is searched.

Here a Living End destroys all my creatures and reanimates my opponent's cycling creatures.

In this game I miscalculated and my opponent used a battle trick to win the game.


Here is the end of the game.

I learned the hard way how Raven's crime works. Retrace means my opponent can discard a land and play it a second time from the graveyard. Talk about CA (card advantage)! I also made the mistake of discarding two lands to it and left myself mana screwed for several turns.

If only I had not discarded the lands. I should have discarded other cards.

Here I get locked out by white enchantments that ask for mana to let me atack.

Follow this link to part 2 where I begin to recount wins with this deck.