Monday, May 25, 2015

[Modern] Undying Part 1 of 2

I have been pulling from Dark Ascension to play an Undying deck. I still have more singles to buy, and the deck here is using mostly cards I had before cracking packs...

This is such a fun deck that it will require two posts. I got to play with Grim Backwoods, and that was cool (sac a critter, draw a card, and with Undying you don't lose the critter the first time).

This deck makes Tragic Slip a one-drop menace at -13/-13 if a creature died before Tragic Slip is cast, and in this deck I am always sacrificing Undying critters.



For the win... this opponent had some great artifacts.

Here I beat a white-red weenies aggro deck. My opponent is behind and decides to wipe the board.

But that helps me with more critters in my graveyard for Splinterfright.

Here I am able to survive the early wave of hits from a Red Deck Wins deck.

Tragic Slip! gg eventually since my opponent realizes I have an army of Undying critters. I love Undying!

Link to Part 2