Tuesday, November 3, 2015

[Modern] Core Set Cube: Seedborn Muse and Leyline of Anticipation

Here is the first deck showcasing the muse cycle from Tenth Edition.

In this first win I encountered an enchantments deck.

I was able to remove enough enchantments, then build up enough mana with Kruphix, and finally to cast a big fat Mistcutter Hydra I had in the first version of this deck.

In this second win I was able to also cast my 4/4 Mistcutter Hydra and hit for the win.

In this win I was able to use mana dorks and rocks well. 

I took quite a beating while waiting for the right moment to cast and then trigger Slate of Ancestry.

It is almost always a guaranteed win when my opponent is unable to remove my creatures and/or Slate of Ancestry.

....maybe I should put the Hydra back in this deck... in hindsight, I took it out to put in a flyer on account of a few losses.