Thursday, November 19, 2015

[Modern] Innistrad Nostalgia: Curses

Curses were definitely a Standard viable and Limited viable strategy that is not so great in Modern Constructed. Yet I like the nostalgia of this deck. Here are all the curses, issued in Innistrad and Dark Ascension.

And here is the final deck with a sideboard.

Here is a loss against a graveyard deck. Decks in Just for Fun are always packing good stuff like Gravecrawler and Vengevine.

Here is a loss against a soul sisters variant. I lost three matches 0-2 against this deck-ouch!

Here is a gigantic Ajani's Pridemate I couldn't stop.

Here is a loss to a White/Green enchantments deck packing good stuff like Leyline of Sanctity, Worship, Reverence, Greater Auramancy, Myth Realized, and Luminarch Ascension. At this point in the game my opponent cannot go below 1 life. Attacking without removing the offending enchantment (Worship) is a waste of time.

Here is part of the line-up in detail.

I was able to win a game against this deck once I switched in enchantment hate from my sideboard.

It must have been White/Green enchantment night. Here is a win against another one of these decks.

Here is a very close win against a deck packing buffed up green creatures.

My opponent must not have counted how much I could hit for after this swing.

That's a 11/11 Managorger Hydra and a 15/15 Rakshasa Vizier.

Here I know I am racing against my opponent until they get five mana and sacrifice Oblivion Stone to destroy all non-land permanents (ouch!).

Big swing at four mana.

And then I drop a flyer after the sweep for the win.