Tuesday, November 10, 2015

[Modern] UR Nivix Cyclops / Herald of Kozilek Deck

This deck is a little clunky because Nivix Cyclops just wants you to cast any instant or sorcery, Herald of Kozilek helps with casting of colorless spells, and we don't have enough of the latter as instants and sorceries (I hope we get more). As such, this is a solid deck, but is waiting for more tools. Solid mostly comes from having Delver of Secrets and Snapcaster Mage, unfair and broken cards from Innistrad.

I won a 2-0 match against a combo I have lost against before: boosting up Blistercoil Weird with every broken Storm spell in Modern.

I did have a flyer when my opponent did not.

I boosted Nivix Cyclops.

And then swung to see if I could take out some of the Blistercoil Weirds.

Near the end of the game my opponent landed a Niv-Mizzet and was able to take out several of my creatures.

But the feature cards have 4 toughness each and my opponent ran out of steam.

In the second game of this match my opponent used Paradise Mantle, but was unable to combo off enough to make it past my creatures.

Even after landing Niv-Mizzet I had a solid battle position.

And I swung for the win.

In this win my opponent got mana screwed while trying to reanimate Griselbrand (in my opponent's graveyard-picture below).

One of the best creatures in Magic.

And in this win I had a flyer early.

I got to use Processor Assault.

And my opponent gave up when I played Crumble to Dust.