Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rise of the Eldrazi Summer

With Modern Masters 2015 coming out soon, it is the summer of the Eldrazi. I finally got me the Urza lands, and now I can be as annoying as all those Urza land-playing opponents I have complained about.

I have opened a bunch of packs from this set before the price went over $1.50 per pack. Check out this sample: packs  -- packs -- packs

Here is a post with links to ALL 56 packs.

Here are the decks for my Eldrazi of the Eldrazi Summer.

1. I try out all of the Eldrazi Spawn cards. They are mostly limited Jank (except for Awakening Zone).

2. I try selected Eldrazi Spawn cards with the Urza lands, and learn the hard way how difficult it is to pull off a win out of two separate manabases.