Monday, May 25, 2015

[Modern] Ashiok with Friends (Grixis Delver)

Ashiok really is not a great planeswalker in Modern, but I am trying as always to use a card as best I can.

This deck is really good, but a lot more because of Ashiok's super friends, and not really because of Ashiok. Actually, switching Ashiok out (are you impressed by how I avoid gender with Ashiok?) for a play set of Snapcaster Mage is what would make this deck really awesome.

This deck is really a weak Grixis Delver shell (sorry, Ashiok). Here I turn two Delvers and win.

My opponent tries chump-blocking, but it is too late.

Here I put Cyclonic Rift to work. I love this card.

Here I take out a dual land with Demolish.

And this is my favorite play for this GrixisDelver shell: take out cards with Slaughter Games.

Bye, super strong token.