Friday, May 15, 2015

[Modern] Devotion to Black

This is one of my many devotion to black decks. By now I only have this one and the one that enchants lands, all others I have deleted. This deck is well optimized, and even though as I play it I think of changes I could make, I have so far resisted the urge to change it because it works so well in Just for Fun.

Here are five game wins.

Game 1: Lifebane Zombie lets me see cards I need to either exile with it or kill with my target spells.

By now my opponent has none of the three cards.

Here is the Merchant for the win.

Game 2: Burn. I have a seemingly never-ending supply of creatures I am drawing, and each one has a good impact on the board.

I am able to stall long enough to win and burn needs to win with its opening hand or turns 2 and 3 draws. 

Game 3: I almost lost this one since my opponent had a board full of critters. 

Intimidate to the rescue.

Game 4: two Smallpox plays really wiped me out.

But with my never-ending supply of creatures some did land on the board.

My hand got cleaned up good.

But I had a flyer and the Merchant entered for the win.

Game 5: Another black deck, this one with a lot of targeted kills against me.

But those extra draws I got from my opponent's critter really helped.

And even though this enchantment was hitting me for 5 life every time I played a spell, I had life gain just enough to get to cast what I needed for the win.

I am glad my opponent didn't have anything that could hit face for 1!