Friday, January 15, 2016

Flashback Draft: Triple Mirrodin

It sucks that the prizes are not in packs because then I would be buying the packs from the grinders. I am an established terrible player in the drafting format, and, of course, I proved it here again. Still, I like collecting these rented digital images. Here is my pool. I went Blue Black (sigh!)

I did some rare-fishing, which is what players who suck at draft do.

During the first game I was able to chomp block into a loss.

Banshee's Blade is very good for my opponent. It gives their creature a +1/+1 counter every time it attacks. 

I was able to have a flyer through equipment early on.

But then my opponent had a bigger flyer.

Here is that game state.

Second game my opponent used Sun Dropplet to gain life.

Here is the lifegain trigger from Sun Droplet.

My opponent enchanted one of my creatures, took it over until end of turn, then destroyed that enchantment, and was then able to keep it permanently: ouch. I often encounter grinders in these games, and they know every card, and every trick!

Game over....