Saturday, July 29, 2017

Collecting Legends

I have looked up the specific rarities on the sheet and added them to my spreadsheet. There are C1s and C2s (commons with one position in the common sheet and commons with two positions), U1s and U2s, and all rares are R (one each on the rare sheet).

Here are the rares on the Reserved List (only rares are on this list). I have ordered all of these cards from cheapest to most expensive today. We shall see what future silly RL buyouts do to these prices...

The remaining cards (all commons, all uncommons, and some rares) are shown below. There are many C1s. Prices don't really reflect a marked difference between C1s and C2s because playability is what mostly determines price.

It's great that there are many cheap uncommons.

Life Chisel and Tolaria are U2 (double uncommons).

Surprisingly, Pendelhaven and Karakas are U2s.