Sunday, July 16, 2017

Standard Milling Attempt

I will not move forward with this deck, just wanted to know how viable this strategy is; and it is not viable as far as I can tell. I started with a double deck (120 cards) in Blue/Black, cut it down to normal size (60 cards), and then removed Black. I just can't mill fast enough. My milling clock is way too slow.

I won one game with the 60-card Blue/Black version because I could board swipe White Weenies.

In mono-blue, I just got to see some of the decks people are trying out, which is cool. Here is a casual Mechanized Production deck.

I also lost against a very well-built multi-colored deck. Here, I lose a land.

Then, my opponent clears the board.

Then my one hitter gets frozen by battlecruiser Pacifism (a,k,a, Desert's Hold).

And my opponent used a manland effectively.