Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hour of Devastation Review

Here is the links page for these reviews. I hope you enjoy reading my notes. I am a terrible Limited player. My focus is on Johnny fun deckbuilding. I am not a competitive player. It is very hard to review cards in a vacuum, and when I look back at my previous reviews, I have been laughably wrong about busted cards like Aetherworks Marvel (I stated it required too much setting up... what was I thinking?!).

I love this set. All of the recent sets suffer from missing a core set. Minus a core set, they are full of overcosted corner cards that don't play that well with cards in other blocks. These sets are all great, and they will play even better in casual formats with core sets of old, or the core sets that are coming to us in the near future.

Here is the Reddit Post for comments about this review:

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