Sunday, July 2, 2017

EIght Set Standard 2017

Ahhhh, my favorite time to play Standard is when it is at its largest. These are the decks that I have either built, or had in mind with Hour of Devastation about to come out.

Hour of Devastation:

First Ramunap Excavator Deck (Red/Green Landfall)

It's the only card from Hour of Devastation in this deck. The deck is all right. I need to do better with my favorite Johnny card of the set!

Milling Attempt

I will not move forward with this deck, just wanted to know how viable this strategy is; and it is not viable as far as I can tell. I started with a double deck (120 cards) in Blue/Black, cut it down to normal size (60 cards), and then removed Black. I just can't mill fast enough. My milling clock is way too slow.

Amonkhet Standard:

Turbofog Four Color (No White)

WG Exert

WG Cats

BG (Golgari) -1/-1 Counters

Learner Decks in Eternal Formats (Before Amonkhet)

WB Zombies
I played it in Modern while Amonkhet was in Standard.

BG (Golgari) -1/-1 Counters
In Modern, before Amonkhet came out

In Vintage, just for kicks