Sunday, October 25, 2015

[Modern] Origins Thopters

This deck is a lot of fun. My favorite move is to use Ghostly Flicker to generate a few more Thopter tokens.

In this first win an opponent playing Red Deck Wins ran out of patience. Its a slow grind but my tokens are poised to win this game and they knew it.

I went all the way to 1 life, and since my opponent did not have any 'hit to the face' cards, I was able to continue to wear them down.

In this next win I played Ghostly Flicker. So much fun!

See the difference? That's three extra tokens.

And then I swung for the win.

In this next win (Red Deck Win again, what gives?) it was red tokens vs thopter tokens.

My opponent played a Haze of Rage.

And it becomes four of them.

I had to chump block for dear life, but my tokens have flying and I can continue to generate more tokens all game long.