Saturday, October 24, 2015

[Standard] Blue Red Baby Eldrazi (2 of 2)

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Here are more fun wins. This one is against an interesting mono-black build. Herald of Kozilek is a great enabler. I can establish a superior board position very quickly.

I do have a flyer, and the Ghostfire Blades can equip for 1 on colorless creatures. That is a big help for this deck. My opponent is able to remove my flyer. The beauty of playing equipment, though, is that I can re-equip some other creature next turn.

I was patient in using Horribly Awry. I let one creature pass and then countered the second one, Drana.

Then I started grinding with the overwhelming position Herald of Kozilek enabled.

My opponent drew removal and used it effectively.

But I could hit for 2 with a Blighted Gorge sacrifice.

And then overwhelm for the win.

In this win my opponent realized that I could overwhelm with deep chump blocking and gave up.

In this one I was once again able to build a superior board position and my opponent gave up.

Finally, here is a win in the mirror. 

It seemed that my opponent had the better board position.

And I went all the way down to 1.

But I had the edge with a hit to the face for 3...

...and my opponent should have waited a turn to take me out. Instead, I overwhelmed for the win.