Saturday, October 17, 2015

[Standard] White Black Allies Optimized (Casual)

I have lost against the money version of this deck, which is Abzan (White/Black/Green) and runs the Origins Liliana.

I now have a side board.

Here is a win against a White/Red tokens deck.

I swung for the win with Indestructible Allies.

This next win began with a surprising removal of Frost Walker by Sandstone Bridge.

I got hit with several Claustrophobia.

I was down a lot, and it looked like I was going to lose this game.

Yet thanks to the nature of this deck (it drains life slowly), I was set up to win on the next turn and my opponent gave up.

I lost a game against the very fast Landfall Red/Green deck in this format, and then I managed to win the next game against the same player. I went down to a near loss.

But March from the Tomb set up my lost Allies.

And I swung for the win after a few turns with my opponent not able to respond late game.

I won against a really cool Molten Vortex (this format's version of Seismic Assault) deck.

Here is a money deck I lost against.