Saturday, October 24, 2015

[Standard] Blue Red Baby Eldrazi (1 of 2)

This deck works really well. It was love at first sight with Herald of Kozilek. Being able to save one colorless mana to drop a colorless spell is great. Here is the draft deck.

And here is the final deck. Blighted Gorge is way more important in this deck than Blighted Cataract.

The deck wants to draw Herald of Kozilek in the opening hand, but if I don't, having the control cards (Horribly Awry and Brutal Expulsion) in my opening hand can be really good. Here is a win in which I was able to shut my opponent down. They have 6 cards in their hand when I counter a Butcher of the Horde.

I then send Kolaghan;s Command back to their hand.

And then send a second Butcher of the Horde back to their hand. I am able to attack unimpeded multiple turns.

In this win I chump block a Black/Red deck. I have shown in a previous post that the Black/Red Baby Eldrazi is missing a good one drop. Using Bloodsoaked Champion is a worthy substitution, but its not good enough in my opinion.

After some chump blocking I still have two Herald of Kozilek on the board, and that means I am saving 2 colorless mana for anything I cast. In a format with limited removal I don't have to worry too much about my opponent having the ability to take me out if I am at 3 or less life.

It is clear that my opponent cannot take me out even though I am at one life, and on my next attack I was to win (gg or good game or 'I win this one').

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