Sunday, October 25, 2015

[Standard] BFZ Kiora (2 of 2)

Link to the first part.

In this last game I faced a very interesting control mono black deck that wiped me out with Crux of Fate multiple times.

Because of how much creature removal I encountered, most of the time I was using Kiora's +1 for just a land. 

My opponent forced to sacrifice a creature with with his Blighted Fen. Yet for all the times he swung to remove Kiora, they were as most taking it to 1 loyalty.

Here I send Gurmag Angler back to their hand.

Another sacrifice.

My opponent used Mardu Shadowspear cast with Dash many times!

But Kiora just kept surviving.

Kiora's -2 is the same as Sudden Reclamation and Managorger Hydra was the creature of choice when facing lots of removal and Skyrider Elf for when facing lots of non-flyers.

Here's Kiora's free (well, -2) Sudden Reclamation.

Lumbering Falls for the win.