Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kitchen Counter Magic: Urza's Saga Bulk

I have had a lot of fun sorting these. The lot began as a 2000+ lot of cards. I separated out all the cards not NM/M, and all the cards from Urza's Destiny, and Urza's Legacy. I then proceeded to categorize all of the Urza's Saga cards.

Off the bat, there are very few red cards. There were some more, but for some reason red cards in bulk selections are beat up. I encountered the same issue in my previous-and much smaller-bulk selection. Someone, or some people, played the living daylights out of their red cards.

I am almost done categorizing, and still only a few red cards. Blue has a ton, and white also has a great selection.

Here is the end result. Blue towers above all colors.

White commons.

White uncommons, which turned out to be the best selection of uncommons in this lot.

There are two separate printings of these cards, one on matte paper, same as modern packs, and another on glossy paper, similar to the modern paper used for preconstructed decks and the deckbuilder's toolkit. The difference isn't as obvious from these images, yet with cards in hand, anyone can completely and easily separate the two printings. The card on the left is matte, and the one on the right is glossy. I had enough blue commons to pick out complete sets of both papers. The matte print has a grayish blue border and is very evenly the same shade of blue. The glossy print has a darker blue, and what seems like lower quality control. The darker blue comes in several levels of gloss, which makes it seem like several shades of a darker blue-and I think it's the gloss that varies, and not the ink.

Matte close-up.

Glossy close-up.

Look at those mountains of blue commons.

Not that many uncommons.

Black commons.

More black commons.

Not that many black uncommons.

Red commons.

More red commons.

Red uncommons.

Green commons.

More green commons.

Green uncommons.

A few artifacts and two lands.

And I could have counted all these cards, but I need to do the lawn!