Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Vintage Solitaire Eldrazi Part 4 of 5

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I took a wrong turn with Eye of Ugin. It's time to come back to better lands. I have just proven to myself why the lands in the original net deck (Blue Eldrazi Stompy) are needed. I don't have as many as that deck had. These will do for now. I put in Ghost Quarters to make up for my missing Wastelands (I only have one).

I atart off with Library of Alexandria.

I can draw two cards per turn and take myself to six cards in hand until the next turn by casting two cards. It works out great to build a strong hand.

I drop a small creature.

And then I am on a roll with Precursor Golem followed by Phyrexian Metamorph copying for a second Precursor Golem.

I play my shutdown pair of Sphere of Resistance and I am done.

This first hand needs a mulligan.

I will have to wait one turn to start double drawing with Library of Alexandria.

I decide to keep Sol Ring.

Time to build up a really strong hand thanks to double draws.

Precursor Golem.


Two low drop creatures that will likely get taken out of the deck.

And then some shutdown artifacts.

Here is another hand to mulligan.

And once again I get lucky and draw Library of Alexandria.

I decide to keep Eldrazi Temple for my Endbringer.

Once again, I start building a strong hand.

I am almost ready.

OK, let's go.

Precursor Golem and Reality Smasher.

Shutdown artifact.

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