Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Legacy Stangg Casual Deck

I wanted to imagine how I would have played Stangg if I was playing Magic when Legends came out.

All of these games are in Solitaire. People who play Just for Fun Legacy are too serious to be interested in having this much fun.

The Stangg token is an MTGO creature. It looks really cool.

Here I swing after casting Titania's Boon.

Here is Stangg as our guest of honor.

Here is Stangg after a very late entrance.

I then built an Elves guest deck for Stangg.

Now I can cast Stangg many turns earlier.

And the deck does not need Stangg. He is only a guest of honor.

Here I used Garruk to get to one of my Stanggs quicker.

Waiting for Stangg with enough to swing for lethal.

Here is another early arrival for Stangg.

...and another.

...and another.

Hey, Stangg!