Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Reserve List Buyout Bubble of 2017 Part 1

It has just begun. It has been brewing for a while, and now, it is finally here in all it's glory. Look at these ridiculous price spikes.

Thanks to MTGGoldfish, awesome site, check them out here:

In all of these price histories, I have slipped to the left a little to show the fine detail in the price history before the buyout. I am still in shock. Only a week or so ago I received small batches of cheaper Arabian Nights, Antiquities, and Legends cards I was buying to build a 360 card UltraPro book. That project, obviously, has been postponed indefinitely.

All of these gigantic gains have taken place during the last week, and even during the last few days.

Elephant Graveyard has gone from $50 to $425. Because, you know, it's a staple in zero formats.

Shahrazad, which is one of the most iconic cards in Magic, yet is banned in ALL formats, has gone from $90 to $360.

The same story applied to the cards below... so sad to see this hobby go through a bubble. I am hoping the bubble loses steam before it damages the broader hobby.

And this card is not even on the Reserved List?

Yeah, Powerleech.... Powerleech is a $9 card.... Powerleech.

I just bought one of these for $1.