Sunday, August 6, 2017

Early Sets Calculations

We know from Wizards that there were approximately 5 million Arabian Nights (AN) cards printed, and that the totals for Antiquities (AQ) are 15 million, and for Legends (LE), 35 million. We also know that AN and AQ packs had two uncommons and 4 commons; and that LE packs had one rare, three uncommons and 11 commons. We also know the exact numbers of each card on the sheet, except for an error for the AN common sheet since those numbers add up to 119 and not to 121. That means that my numbers for AN commons are off by a few percent. Also, these total print numbers are likely not exact since my counts don't come out as whole number-which I am rounding up.

August 9, 2017 note: My first calculations for AN and AQ were wrong. I assumed two uncommons and four commons in a pack, but there are six commons in a pack.

Arabian Nights

C1 Montain 30,992
U2s: 24,793
U3s: 37,190
C2 Bird Maiden: 61,983
C4s: 123,967
C5s: 154,959
Mana Symbol Commons:
C1s: 30,992, C2s: 61,983, C3s: 92,975
C11 Desert: 340,909


U1s: 30,992
U2s: 61,983
U3s and C1s: 92,975
Mishra's Factory and Strip Mine are on both sheets:
Total for each is 185,950
C1 is 91,975 and U1 is 30,992
C3 Argothian Prixies: 278,926
C4s: 371,901


Rares (all): 19,283
U1s: 57,851
U2s: 115,702
C1s: 212,121
C2s: 424,242

Karakas is a U2, which means that all cards in Arabian Nights, with the exception of Desert and U1s and U2s in Antiquities were printed in lower quantities than Karakas.... think about that for a second. This means that there is a very high playable component to pricing of these cards.