Saturday, October 1, 2016

Artifact Cube 2016 Draft: 10 Online Packs

Here is another angle to the artifact cube: specific cards coming from online packs. That should be a fun deckbuilding limitation. I opened two packs each of the large sets and one pack each of the small sets.

If only Treasure Cruise was not banned in all formats and restricted in Vintage!

If Hardened Scales is worth trading in the future, here is my 5th one.

Rally the Ancestors is a great pull.

Silkwrap is my favorite card out of this pack.

There are cheaper ways to reanimate than Profound Journey....

The pain lands have become more sought after after the re-definition of colorless mana.

4 drop Elf lord pull.

Rising Miasma is a solid uncommon in this pack.

Catacomb Sifter is a solid uncommon in this pack, and I pulled a foil Halimar Tidecaller, another solid uncommon.

I have already completed my playsets of the manlands.