Sunday, October 23, 2016

[Vintage] Esper Aetherflux Reservoir Build-around

I took out Green and substituted Black to have the ability to tutor Paradoxical Outcome.

Turn 1 brought to you by Vintage.

Here is a turn 4 50+ life end state.

Here is a turn 6 tutor for Paradoxical Outcome.

I cast it at 40 life.

Here are the 15 cards in my hand.

And here is where I am at at the point of casting my last White one drop.

Turn 1 brought to you by Vintage.

Here I have nine cards in hand turn 4 thanks to Paradoxical outcome.

Here is another turn 4 before Jace, the Mind Sculptor brings out a Paradoxical Outcome.

These are the cards I select to bring back to my hand (don't forget to tap the artifact mana rocks before selecting them).

I am already at 51 life when I cast it, but in this test scenario I want to see how much life I can generate. This is what Solitaire is great for.

Here are the 12 cards in my hand.

As I am about to cast the last White one drop, I am already at 87 life.

And here is the final state.