Sunday, October 16, 2016

Six Packs of Dragons of Tarkir Online

I am looking for the value rares in this set I didn't get, especially Collected Company, and the commands, except the White/Blue one (Ojutai's).

Money pack: Collected Company, nice!!!

I didn't play a lot of these cards. Here are the Mythics and Rares that I don't have in playsets.

It's great to start with a nice addition to my collection.

And I am only planning to play pack lottery with DTK from the sets that recently rotated out of Standard. KTK is great, but all the value is in the fetch lands, and I already have my play sets of those. FRF has solid cards, except for the rare slots, and so I am passing on those packs. Origins is all about the Mythics. Pack lottery is a lot more fun when there are quality rares in the pool, cards like Collected Company. Check the data below. The left column is the average for that rarity, and the right has the pack multiplier applied.