Thursday, October 13, 2016

Solitaire Standard: Kaladesh Blue Red Energy

I started with some artifacts.

And with the Modules, the deck can win in Solitaire in 5 turns, but only if Thriving Turtle and Lathnu Hellion come out early.

And after that, Modules can boost them.

But if I don't get my beaters in early, the Modules actually slow me down. Here is sluggish turn 6 win in Solitaire.

Here is a tight turn 5 win.

I took out the Modules, and now the build is a little faster. Thriving Grubs is just right, and Cathartic Reunion lets me dump some lands for more non-land cards in the draw.

If I manage my Energy well, I can have tight turn 4 wins.

And comfortable turn 5 wins.

Now I just need 2 Energy for each creature when I attack, and I get a 1/1 boost.

Turn 4: nice! Oh, don't forget to cycle left over Energy for a token out of Whirler Virtuoso at the end of your turn.