Saturday, October 22, 2016

[Standard] Kaladesh White Black 1 of 2

This deck is a lot of fun, and is much more than a learner deck. I used all of the cards in Standard I have that fit this deck.

This first match was against White/Blue Spirits from Shadows over Innistrad block. Flash and Flying make this deck versatile and full of surprises.

I lost the first game. Restoration Gearsmith tried ot help me get into a winning board position, but I had a lot of strong cards in my sideboard and some weak cards in my main deck.

For the second game, I had a solid board position. This deck works slowly, building advantage one life gain/life loss trigger at a time.

Spirits are versatile and full of surprises, but blue creatures are low power, and it shows in this deck. No matter how many full swings my opponent took, I could come back.

I got one of my creatures sent back to my hand.

But Drana's Emissary was left on the board to win me the game.

The third game of the match was all Kambal. Those triggers can add up against almost any deck.

Just from Kambal two triggers, I am 8 life away from my opponent.

The game was a close finish. I was able to check to see if my opponent had any more Spirit tricks left.

My opponent played Disperse for a high cost.

This swing was just for fun because, no matter what they did, Kambal had already given me the gam.e