Sunday, October 23, 2016

[Standard] Kaladesh Blue Black 2 of 2

Here is one of my favorite types of games. It is very annoying for tournament players to use us casual players as training punching bags in 'Just for Fun.' I played against one of these decks. My opponent's game plan is to reanimate the White or Red Gearhulks, and if that fails, hard-cast them. Here comes the first Cataclysmic Gearhulk, or 'Balance on a stick.'


Here I counter Refurbish to forbid my opponent from reanimating a Gearhulk.

Here I sacrifice one of my creatures.

Removed for the win of the first game in the match.

For the second game I did something really dumb: use Harsh Scrutiny to help my opponent with their reanimation plan. It cost me the game.

I also got board-wiped. That didn't help.

I did stop a reanimation attempt.

But helped to stop another one. I lost the second game.

I won the third game. I was able to stop all reanimation and was able to beat hard and fast with my critters. Why can't these players take their money decks to tournament practice?