Saturday, October 8, 2016

Solitaire Vintage: Kaladesh Fabricate

I am too much of a Johnny. I know Fabricate is an ability aimed at Limited in the current battlecruiser Standard. I guess I am biased towards specific abilities. I thought Cohort just stank, yet Fabricate is probably not a whole lot better. Anyways, love is blind.

Notice an MTGO glitch that went away: a few of the White cards have Green frames.

Angel of Invention is a great lord of all creatures. This card is no tournament staple, just a fun junk mythic to toy around in Johnny decks.

Managorger Hydra is a ton of fun, same for Gavony Township.

Here is another beefed-up Managorger Hydra.

Now with the correct frame colors, it's great that Angel of Invention is not legendary.

Crusader of Odric can come in pretty big.

Parallel Lives doubles my generation of tokens.

Look at all those 'pay 1, draw a card' triggers from Mentor of the Meek.

Nice bunch of tokens. Oviya Pashri can generate an X/X token for X number of creatures I control. And with Parallel Lives I get two of them!

Only in Vintage.

More tokens. I hope someday to play these types of casual decks against real players.