Saturday, October 15, 2016

Solitaire Vintage: Kaladesh Blue Artifacts 1 of 2

This deck is a ton of fun. If only more people played in Just for Fun Vintage, I would thin it out for 4 counterspells and go to town with it. Instead, all I can do is shadow box with it. Here is the first draft. This draft is not all-in with Energy. I am using Precursor Golem to get double tokens off Panharmonium, and I am also using the Energy engine from the Kaladesh Modules. Then I also have Tezzeret to tutor Aetherworks Marvel to use the latter to drop a big Eldrazi. Its a fun combo deck. When it goes off, it does so spectacularly.

A turn 2 only possible in Vintage.

And a turn 3 only possible in Vintage.

Once the counters go off, I am putting many counters on my creatures.

Look at all those triggers!

Here is a 17/17 Precursor Golem before I cast something big with Artherworks Marvel.

I have so much Energy in this draft deck that I tutor Tezzeret, untap Aetherworks Marvel with Voltaic Key, and tutor something else.

That something else was a second Precursor Golem.

That's a game winning board.

But wait, I can cast something else off another Voltaic Key: Emrakul.

Look at that incredible board.