Monday, October 10, 2016

Solitaire Standard: Kaladesh Mono-Blue Energy

I learned some more about the Blue Energy cards by playing them in this deck. Energy, like Infect in Scars of Mirrodin, and Affinity in the original Mirrodin, is parasitic. That means that Energy cards want to be in decks with other Energy cards, and no other cards. My original idea was to build an artifact cube with Scars of Mirrodin block cards and Kaladesh block cards, but given how parasitic Infect and Energy are, I am better off building a cube only with Kaladesh block cards, and a few enablers. This deck, for example, has only cards from Kaladesh.

It can be slow, and that is normal for mono-blue. It can also hit really hard on turn 6 in Solitaire. Look at that 12 power Thriving Turtle.

After I realized how important Thriving Turtle are in any Energy strategy (it is the equivalent of Glisterner Elf in Infect), I learned that maximizing how many I drew early in the game mattered. Here I drew three.

Here I start charging them up.

And here is the turn 4 win.

Here is another turn 4 win.

Here is a turn 5 win with a 9 power Thriving Turtle, a thriving creature, indeed!