Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kaladesh Online Prerelease Sealed: The Games 2 of 2

Here is the second game of the match I won. Look at all those buffed up tokens thanks to Master Trinketeer.

In this game my opponent won solely on the back of giving their Multiform Wonder flying and me not having any flyers. Once I lost my creature with Reach, I was done for.

Multiform Wonder shenanigans.

Multiform Wonder for the win (ouch!).

After losing decisively with my White/Green deck, I decided Ito change to Black/Red since all I am doing is learning to play the cards.

Here are some fun games I lost.

This one was close, and I lost.

This game I won. Here is my final swing.

I was able to swipe my opponent with Incendiary Sabotage.

But my opponent was able to recover. This was a close loss, yet a loss nonetheless.

Here is my event play history.

I won a pack!

The Estimated Value of Kaladesh packs without inventions paper and digital is Saviors of Kamigawa bad!